Top 9 Branded Items we Recommend for Corporate Gifting

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Sourcing for the right gifting items that resonate with your brand’s voice shouldn’t be a marathon, in fact, if you really know who your customers are, it will not break out in a sweat trying to know what gift to give them.

Corporate gifts are a great way to show your clients that you appreciate them in a genuine and thoughtful way. Done well, corporate gifts provide an excellent return-on-investment by strengthening relationships that lead to more and sustained business. The holidays, events, or meetings, and other occasions are the appropriate time to offer gifts to your clients and customers. The branded and quality gifts will ensure that they remember it positively for a long time.

Infact, many companies find it hard to know the very basic things their customers like. 

You could have spent some more on customer surveys, but we care to give you this information for free. Survey from Cartwright & Butler has it that more businesses than ever are viewing corporate gifts as an integral part of their marketing strategy. See what they discovered; 

95% see corporate gifting as an indispensable part of their business strategy

Personalisation is most important factor when purchasing corporate gifts

85% said their corporate gifting strategy strengthened valuable relationships

How important is corporate gifting is and how it is helpful.

  • Maintains a healthy business relationship
  • Attract new clients
  • Build brand image
  • Increase Sales and Revenues
  • Impress existing customers

Below Are Top 9 Branded Items Suitable For Corporate Gifting 

Power Banks

As much as we have power supply at work and our homes, power banks are life savers in times of emergencies and it is a valuable belonging which can serve as a perfect corporate gifting. With your brand signage on the powerbank, it is a perfect marketing tool. As it is carried from place to place and your brand gets known.

Can be very useful when on a journey, hiking or camping, The best printing process for branding your power banks is “Sublimation” at The Print Haven, we have the best sublimation machines to deliver the best of branding on your power banks.

Power Bank


A perfect option for coffee breaks and warm drinks. Mugs are very special to many and if it is branded, it’s a plus. Some people keep as many as possible. Sublimation dye provides high quality prints that will not peel off or fade away.

They come in several shapes and sizes, but the best shape depends on your brand preference and the type of brand message you want to pass on the mug. 

We recommend you consider branded mugs for your next corporate branding project.

Water Bottles and flasks

The perfect carry about. A good reusable water bottle will last for years and withstand day-to-day stresses, such as being thrown in a bag or accidentally clanking it into a railing. Plus, having a water bottle you love might make it easier to stay hydrated all day long. On Water bottles the perfect print process is UV printing. If the surface is Stainless or aluminium, Laser engraving becomes a good option. Not to forget Screen printing and sublimation for every other bottle surface. 

Water Bottle

Smart Notebook

People hate to forget stuff, they also love to be remembered. As you form thoughts you want to document them, that is why you need a smart Notebook that can help you achieve that and much more.

The smart Notebook, unlike other notebooks and journals, stands out as a dual-purpose device. With wireless charging capability, also charge with cords and durable.

Smartnote book

Key-ring Flash Drive

This is a perfect corporate gift here. 2 in 1 and valuable. It makes much sense to have a keyring to easily identify when we  misplace them? Image your brand logo on the eyes of a thousand people everyday… I bet you will agree that it is your brand they will remember whenever they need a service you provide. This is the reason a keyring designed to a flash drive is a powerful gifting item for businesses. 

Having your logo on what customers use on a daily basis is a goldmine, and that is a tested and trusted marketing strategy.


To stay organized, you need to get all your belongings in a particular and secure position. This is exactly what a backpack can do for anyone. The good thing is, quality backpacks last for a very long time, and that means your brand will be on their eyes for a while.

Desk clock

An amazing way to show your clients and customers that you really care. This often comes unique and a lot of people love it. Your brand will be well trusted and you tend to stand out.

Table watch

Perfumed Diffuser

This is often ignored but if well branded, you already hit the spot. A lot of people love perfumes and a diffuser you give them will last a long time in their mind. Many businesses are yet to see this, but we promise it serves your customers well. They can use it in their homes, office and other places. 

Wine set

When visitors come in, the first thing to do is welcome them warmly and offer a drink. Imagine your customer serving a friend a drink and the friend asks about the brand on the wine glass? Marketing has been done on your behalf. Never take this for granted. 

Wine set

Wrap Up

Various gifting companies deal with the best corporate gifts that can help you in the growth and expansion of your business.

At the Print Haven, we have worked with several brands to bring their ideas to life by providing long lasting and reliable branded materials that help them to spread their brand message. 

To order any of the above-branded gifting items, and much more, contact us or send a “direct message” on any of our social media handles. We make the best design on any substrate and we comfortably serve 13 different print processes. Give us a call today. 

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