10 Embroidered Products You Use Everyday

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Many businesses choose embroidery in their uniforms. This is because embroidery looks professional and gives the garment a more solid feel. Embroidery is long-lasting and will not fade in the wash.

Embroidery has always been an important part of corporate and business apparel as a lot of brands and individuals depend on it for long-lasting designs in apparels.

Here Are 10 Everyday Embroidered Products You Might Not Know


When you go to a hotel or a 5-star restaurant, you are welcomed with different sweets and flowers in the room and also with clean sheets and towels. They are usually pretty soft and plush, but impersonal, ready for any kind of guest. 

Towels are an everyday material we use.

 Go take a look at your towel, does it have any design? If yes, then there’s a 90% chance the design is made through embroidery. 

Your personal belongings like towels should be customized to make sure no one “mistakenly uses it” if you know what I’m getting at.

Embroidered Towel


Quality robes will be cherished for years to come not just for their elegance, but also for their incredible softness and durability.

QUALITY – These robes are guaranteed to be the softest, most lightweight robe available!

DURABILITY – The Print Haven only produces strong, durable robes that can withstand repeated use and washings. Our durability is the reason that many hotels and spas use our bathrobes!

SIZE – Our bathrobe set is available in one size fits most, and comes with an adjustable tie belted waist to ensure a snug fit!

GIFT READY – Our robe set makes the perfect gift for an upcoming engagement party, wedding, or bridal shower. Stand out from the rest and give a special keepsake that the couple can use daily.

EASY CARE – Our bathrobes are easy to care for and can be machine washed & dried. We make robes that can withstand repeated washings and will last for years to come. GET YOURS TODAY!

Embroidered Bathrobe
Embroidered Bathrobe


Aprons are fundamental kitchen essential made from polyester water drop resistance material, helps you cook, wash, or do any of your kitchen work without being stressed that your garments will get messy. 

Aprons, depending on the quality are designed with nice embroidery stitches.

Embroidered Apron
Embroidered Apron

Polo shirt

For great deals on embroidered polo shirts look no further than The Print Haven.

Embroidered polo shirts are one of our most popular products, embroidery is a great way to get your logo on a polo shirt.

Embroidering your logo on a polo shirt is not an expensive option. The more shirts you buy the cheaper they are. There is a one-off embroidery setup cost on all new orders for embroidered polo shirts, but this is not charged on future orders.

Corporate shirt

A Corporate T-Shirt represents your company and should be designed using quality branded shirts.  Craftsmanship also plays an important role in the presentation of your design. With fine embroidery slapped on the quality branded shirts, your corporate shirt stand a chance to last long and 

Most of the quality corporate shirts you see flying around are embroidered. This is because of the longevity of embroidery. No corporate organization will want to use a bad selection of shirts for her staff or clients, at least it should be far more than average quality. 

Whether you’re with a small business or a large corporation, CustomInk is the place to go for all of your customized apparel needs! We offer a wide selection of polos, oxford shirts, t-shirts, jerseys, hats, and other clothing and products.

Corporate T Shirt

Face cap

The best print process for face caps still remains embroidery, this is the guaranteed way to make sure it lasts and never loses the design. 

If you’re a corporate organisation, and you need your brand logo on your face caps, you don’t want to give out caps and after a few wash, your logo is washed off the cap. To create maximum value for your face caps, you must instruct your sourcing agent to deliver embroidered caps. 

This also should be the case for other corporate gifting items you’re purchasing for your brand.

Face cap

Throw pillow

Adding both comfort and artful appeal to your ensemble, pillows are perfect for just about any area of your abode. Take this one, for example, it’s ideal for tossing onto the sofa for a quick refresh or bringing a little personality into your teen’s bedroom. 


The backside is made from a quality fabric with a concealed zip. Lasting design with original craftsmanship which provides a long usage.

Plus, it’s well embroidered to give it the best and last longing design you can ever imagine. 

Throw pillow

Chef jacket

WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: such as kitchen, restaurant, hotel, bakery, cooking, baking, chefs, line cooks, caterers, counter servers, expediters, managers, students, etc.perfect for professionals working in the food industry. 

Chef Jackets are made with soft and comfortable materials, sweat-absorbent and breathable, it can continue to work even in high-temperature environments.

Chef-Jacket, Chef, Jaket

Tote Bag

Carrying light items just got easier. The most amazing embroidered material you can ever have. 

So useful and comes with big space inside to accommodate your carryables. 

Tote bags are designed with quality in mind, it serves as fashion accessories and also for carrying belongings.

Some are made of cotton and designed with high-quality embroidery styles to complete the beauty of the bag.

 Embroidered Tote bags
Embroidered Tote bags


Don’t be surprised by this one. Even if no one close to you makes shoes with embroidery, we at the Print Haven do. 

Some of the high-quality shoes you see today are designed with embroidery. Take a look at your feet, is your shoe embroidered? 

The upside is, embroidery lasts longer and will always serve your best interest as your design will never get washed away. 

Bottom line

Embroidery is one of the oldest Print processes and till today, it serves us well. The beauty and sleek design make you even love it the more. Talking longevity, embroidery is on the top of the ladder. 

At The Print Haven, we use some of our softest, best-selling materials, and state-of-the-art embroidery equipment to deliver top quality products.

Print on demand – We manufacture everything on-demand, and we put in the best effort for your garment to come out sleek.

Ready to shop for your own beautiful embroidery apparel? The Print Haven has everything you need to bring your design to life. 

Partner with us as a reseller to kick-start your entrepreneur journey. Sign up for free today!

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