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The Print Processes Available At The Print Haven

Operations Manager

Meet the print haven operations manager in person of Chidi. He is in charge of making sure that operations at the print haven run smoothly and machines are properly maintained and used appropriately for the right print design. he also ensures that all other operators don’t make mistakes while printing or using the machines. 


UV Printing

A unique method of digital printing utilizing ultraviolet (UV) light to dry or cure ink, adhesives or coatings almost as soon as it’s hit the paper, or aluminium, foam board or acrylic - in fact, as long as it fits in the printer, the technique can be used to print on almost anything.

Screen printing

It’s a process which applies ink directly onto clothing and fabric using mesh screens. Produces designs with multiple colours High Long Lasting durability & Quality Professional finish


Embroidery is the perfect way to customize your clothing and ensure that your brand name and logo is represented perfectly. Ideal for all types of garments from corporate clothing, uniforms, work-wear and any other types of clothing that you can think of.

DTF printing

With DTG machines, we can print full-colour images on to a wide range of T-Shirts, embroidered polo shirts, hoodies and other clothing types. produce high-quality printed clothing within a few hours of receiving your completed order making it the perfect printing technique for fashion, promotional, stag and hen do's and sports team clothing.


This is the preferred printing method for transferring images onto suitable materials. This printing method is best used on products such as polyester apparel in white or light colors or hard surfaces with a poly-coating, such as coasters, mugs, mouse pads and more.

Heat Transfer

This is the transfer of a desired pattern via heat onto a substrate. Suitable substrates include paper, plastic, cloth and many others. Heat transfer printing is clean and environmentally safe, which makes it appealing in today’s health and safety conscience work environments.

Laser engraving

This is the use of laser technology to engrave on wood and acrylic. It is a very permanent print that can be used to create printing on items this machine doesn't require ink.

Laser engraving

This is the use of laser technology to engrave on metal, plastic and even leather. It is a very permanent print that can be used to create personalized items that don't require a lot of color or ink.

Flock & Flex

This is the application of flock (very short fiber) to the surface of a fabric by means of an adhesive. Flock can be made from natural or synthetic materials such as cotton, rayon, nylon and polyester.