Turnaround Times For Printing Services

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Clients always need to know turnaround times for printing services so that their projects can be completed by specific deadlines. The good thing is; we never miss their deadline and that has really helped our business so far. 

What does turnaround time actually mean in the Print Haven?

At the Print Haven, we see turnaround time as the time from point of order or sign-off of samples to the delivery of the printed order.

The total turnaround time for an order can differ and this is usually dependent on a number of factors such as:

  • Factory capacity
  • The number of orders on ground.

These are the most important factors for turnaround timing.

Timing can be longer also. 3-5 working days will apply more to print-on-demand items and small quantity orders. Bulk orders will take longer. We like to offer our clients with as much flexibility as possible, so we don’t set specific turnaround times for individual products like other companies do.

However, as a general guide, expect a turnaround time for printing of 3 to 5 working days dependent on the quantity of the production and the print process used. Again, this could be less, dependent on the factors listed above.

Communication is key

Our clients often work to tight deadlines and we know how business works and how certain ‘last-minute’ print products are required. We therefore emphasize the importance of communication with our clients.

It’s always wise to talk to us if you have a deadline you are looking to achieve and we will work with you to achieve this.

We will ensure the correct materials are in stock or on order, and our team is always ready to support you at every point of the printing process.

When we are in constant communication, it keeps us and our noble client on the same page and reduces unnecessary backs and forth.

For more information about your printing requirements, contact us today.

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